• Earth contains 80 % of water…..Human body also contains 72 % of water. This correlation shows the importance of water in life
• It means mostly the human body work on water…and water is the major part of human body…so depending on water quality human body works
• So we should keep good water quality so we definitely have good and healthy life.
• If we suffer from any disease it may cause also water.


Tap Water

Tap Water

Bottled Water

Bottled Water

Polluted Water

Polluted Water

Useless Water

Useless Water

The body loses about four liters of water every day .It is therefore necessary to replenish this volume by drinking at least the equivalent amount of water every day.

The Official Calculator is :
1 Liter of Water
Per 40 Ibs (18k or 2.85 stone)
Of body weight

For Example, 12st = 4.2 liters per day

Another Calculation

Minimum water per day : Body weight in kg x 30ml
E.g. : 75 kg x 2.25 liters/day

Optimum water per day : Body weight in kg x 45 ml
E.g. : 75 kg x 45 ml + 3.375 liters/day


Now first come to common water. as we know that water is great healer and life booster. Lets see how :
Importance of hydration and benefit to staying hydrated
Drinking water every day is crucial to maintaining optimal health. since our body is about 60-70% water, Our organs, blood and other bodily system required quality hydration in order to function at their peak performance.


We drink water when our body craves for it. There are several other indications of inadequate water in some or all parts of our body. Ignoring these indications can lead to major diseases that medicines may cure but not treat.


1) Water helps maintain the moisture of the lining of the internal organs of the body.

2) It maintains normal volume and consistency of fluids such as blood and lymph.

3) It regulates body temperature.

4) It removes Poisons or toxins from the body through Urine sweat and breathing.

5) Water is essential for regulation the normal structure and function of the skin.


Three Root Causes Of All Diseases - D.O.A copy
Dehydration means loss of water in body cells. dehydration is excessive loss of water from body. It results in imbalance in Sodium Potassium and Chlorides.

Oxidation means high free radicals its can lead to disease.

Acidosis means High Acidity consuming acid foods and beverages is the root cause of all Degenerative disease.

Three Root Causes


Alkalinity is the measure of the ability of water to neutralize an acid

Alkalinity & pH Balance : When we drink clean, filtered water with a pH of 8.5+ we will notice that we begin to feel a surge of health, energy and vitality . when we eat and drink too many acid forming foods and drinks such as colas, sugars, breads, sweets, pizza, chips, alcohol, white rice and pasta trans- fats ,fast food, refined food, sauces & condiments, dairy, meats and more we put our body under an incredible strain to maintain this pH balance at 7.365.

By hydrating our body with high pH water, we help maintain this alkalinity, flush toxins & acids from the body such as yeasts / Candida and bacteria growth and our energy and vitality will go through the roof.




1) Molecular shape hexagonal can easily penetrate cells for effective hydration

2) Mineral content Sodium, Potassium , Calcium, Magnesium.

3) Oxygen Content 50% Oxygen and 50% Antioxidant

4) pH Level – above pH 7

5) Negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

ORP measured in Mill Volts (mV) and most liquids fall between +700 and -800.in other words, the more powerful the antioxidant , the lower the ORP level . As things Oxidize, the ORP rises.

  • Above 0 is acid (Oxidant)
  • Below 0 is alkaline (Anti-oxidant)

Let’s see How our modern
Lifestyle is making us Acidic ????

why alkaline water

Our modern lifestyle is full of stress & Acidic foods. Every food we eat & water we drink is making us acidic. with amazing ability of the body to compensate the things, it maintains ourblood pH at 7.365 slightly alkaline. In this compensation it has to sacrifice many important alkaline minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. Later on this acid load cannot be thrown out by the body ,it starts accumulating in various parts of the body.

Its solution is micro clustering


    • Solution for oxidation is anti oxidation.
    • Solution for Acidosis is Alkalization.
    • These are the things you can get in ionized Alkaline water.
    • So solution is ionized Alkaline water.


Discover the amazing health benefits to drinking Samvid Alkaline water. Find out how Alkaline water can make a huge difference in your life. Natures most beneficial rejuvenating water flows right from your tap. Let the fountains of Life flow from your faucet

Release Excess Body Fat And Stored Toxins
Normalize Blood Sugar And Insulin
Normalize Blood Pressure
Support Healthy Colon Functions
Relieve Asthma And Chronic Respiratory Infections
Stop  Abnormal Gastro Intestinal Putrefaction
Reduce Chronic Pain Improve Wounds Healing
Reduce Proliferation Of Candida, Fungus & Undesirable Micro forms

Weight Loss
Clear & Healthy Skin
Normalize Blood Pressure
Increase Hydration
Detoxifying And Cleansing
Balance Body pH Level
Increase Blood Oxygenation
Neutralize Free Radicals
Improve Energy And Reduce Fatigue

Our body is designed to be alkaline.

The pH of our important fluids such as our blood is designed to be at pH of 7.365,which is slightly alkaline.

As we have evolved over the last century our diets and lifestyle have dramatically increased the amount of acidity in our lives.

Diet, stress ,emotions and no exercise all contribute to the increased acidity in our body.

But fact is that our body is designed to be alkaline and it makes us healthy and sound.

Why Our Body is Designed to be Alkaline

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